What we do?

Our solutions and plants, whose innovation is globally recognized, are built on the experience and legacy of a manufacturing company and in response to the suggestions of our clients.

Our values:

  • Customers tell and we listen 
  • Continuous improvement (Kaizen) is a philosophy of our life
  • Innovation defines our future

Nuova C.M.M.


NCMM is the leading Italian technology company for the design, construction and supply of welding automation systems.

As proof of this, the company boasts numerous important references all over the world.

This important position is the result of the constant attention that NCMM has given to the customer, be it a small company or a large multinational corporation.

Diversification in the various market segments has been the engine of continuous and virtuous innovation for NCMM and customers recognize our Know How, that today branched into a wide and structured range that allows us to offer advanced, effective and reliable solutions for every production requirements.


Our story since 1974 till nowadays

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